The Finnish Wooden Boat Center was founded to cherish the Finnish wooden boat heritage. The best way to maintain a tradition is, however, to create new traditions. That is why the Finnish Wooden Boat Center has the honor to host the Red Sky boat yard, which also creates new pearls for the next generation, besides restoring old ones.

Wood is a living material. A wooden boat, like a person, ages gracefully with good care. With all it's minuscule details, a wooden boat only gains in character as it ages. We have noticed that people who visit us cannot help but caress the varnished wooden boat deck. No modern material creates the same primitive sensation than that of smoothly varnished wood.

We strive to actively develop the wooden boat culture to reflect the demands of the future. A modern wooden boat is more practical than its predecessors, and as practical as other modern materials. Without having to compromise on beauty.

We understand how much passion and love an owner directs towards his wooden boat and we want to help the owner to understand and develop his interest in wooden boats. That is why the Finnish Wooden Boat Center is also open for the public during working hours. Without an entrance fee.

Because we are united in our passion.













Our Partners.

The Finnish Boat Center services boatbuilders, people dreaming och wooden boats and everyone who is interested in wooden boats. We build, fix, maintain and dock boats. During working hours, everybody is welcome to follow our work.


Red Sky boatyard, one of the premier boatyards in the country, is at the core of the Wooden Boat Center's operations. Established in 2004, Red Sky specializes in repairing classic boats, designing new wooden boats and boat building. The boatyard’s Managing Director is boatwright and designer Allan Savolainen. The company currently employs a dozen workers, making it Finland’s largest wooden boat yard.

For more information, visit:




T:mi Köysityöt M. Kajander is a boatbuilder from Kotka that does rope and boat carpentry.

Kontakt information:

Mika Kajander

Tornatorintie 15

48100 KOTKA


Puh. 050 5645 182

Y-tunnus: 2095593-9


The company VENEKUOMU MA-RE produces boat canopies. 

Contact: T:mi Venekuomu Esa Rimpeläinen,

Adress: Tornatorintie 15, 48100 KOTKA.

Tel: 050-570 4461


We are looking for a company that would want to join us in developing the Finnish Wooden Boat culture together with our other partners. If your company works with boating or wooden boats, and you are looking for space, please contact:

Meet our friends.

Blue Marlin

The Finnish Wooden Boat Center's main attraction is Henrik Andersin's renovated classical 12mR-class racing yacht Blue Marlin. 12mR was the class of the America's Cup from 1958-1988.

The legendary boat designer Charles E. Nicholson from england designed and built the boat for Charles Hartridge from England. The boat is over 21 meters long and it has been renovated in the spirit of its time.


Charles E. Nicholson

Original Owner: 

Charles Hartridge


Camper & Nicholson Gosport Yard


Ultra modern wooden boat with traditional look. Cutts & Case method built double-planking hull with kevlar and powerful six cylinder turbo charged diesel engine

Allan Savolainen, year 2009

Yanmar 315 hp

Top Speed 32 kts, cruising speed 20-25 kts


Djinn - US 80

Djinn was originally built by Henry B. Nevins Boatyard in New York for America's Cup Hall of Fame honoree Henry S. Morgan, Esq. 

She is a well known yacht being an almost identical sister to Goose (US 81)

Sparkman & Stephens, year 1938

Original owner:
Harry S. Morgan

Henry Nevins Yard, New York


May Be VI - FIN 51

Originally the Yacht was owned by the commodore of the KSSS ( The Royal Swedish Yacht Club) Mr. Sven Salén. In fact, all six-metre yachts owned by the Salén family have been called May Be

Tore Holm, year 1946

Original owner:
Sven Salen

Tore Holms Varv, Sweden


Attack - Fin 68

Cabin removed 2007 and new sitkaspruce deck was built like it was in Harry Becker's original drawings. 2009 she got new sitka spruce racing mast with stainless steel fittings. Mast height is 14m and weight is 63kg which is class rule minimum.

Harry Becker, year 1939

Original owner:

Rödesunds Båtvarv, Sweden


Ian - FIN 59

Ian was the last 6mR Estlander built for himself. It won the Gold Cup in 1930 and was for years one of the most successful sixes in Sweden.

She has been completely restored to original specification.

Gustaf Estlander, year 1929

Original owner:
Gustaf Estlander

Arendals Båtvarv, Göteborg


Fridolin - FIN 12

Tore Holm, year 1930

Original owner:
Sven Salen

Tore Holms Varv, Sweden


Boree IV - FIN 70

Sparkman & Stephens, year 1963

Original owner:
Mr. Pierre Bigar, Geneva



Toogooloowoo V - FIN 55

Toogooloowoo V is the second Six Metre construction to be commissioned by John Taylor. The name is from the Australian Aborigine. Her design closely follows that of the 12 Metres Intrepid and Valiant with fuller stem sections of the latter. Toogy is the only six metre to have been built to the loophole discovered in the Rule for measuring the waterline length

Sparkman & Stephens, year 1970

Original owner:
John Taylor

Billy Barnett, Australia


Aili Hanell

Aili Hanell is a transport vessel that was renovated for the yacht club Esbo Segelförening to be used between the Amiral Harbour in Esbo and Pentala Iland during summer.


Esbo Segelförening

Haven 12 1/2


Joel White

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BM55_BlueMarlin Hartridge 1947-Edit.jpg

For Sale.


Easy to manoeuvre, ideal for picnics. 4,1 x 1,3m, weight 65kg.

The boat was build using a method that was patented by Eddie Cutts. The boat was built using a two layer. Inside is of aspen, outside is of pine. The arches are of kevlar-weave, which is laminated into the aspen grooves. Kevlar has 10 times the strength of steel.

The boat comes with oars, oarlocks and boat cover. 

Boatmaker: Jarno Ruhtinas, from Kotka 1995.

CE-certified 1996/VTT

More info: Leo Skogström 0500-552 72




Clinker-built traditonal boat, Pine. 5,1 x 1,3m. Sail 6,2 m2

Boatmaster Poju Suntio (1941-2010) from Vehkalahti built in year 1990 and 1992 two similar dugouts, which one was donated to King Carl XVI Gustaf from Sweden as he visited Kotka.

To boat comes with a rudder, sail with equipment, a removable steel keel, oars and an aluminumarched boat cover.

More info: Leo Skogström: 0500-552 725




Clinker-built ship boat, 3,8 x 1,4m. Pine.

Designer unknown. Boatbuilder Hannu Tyrni, from Pyhtää 2009.

The RedSky-boatyard renovated a sail dingy that was found in bad shape in Heinlahti for the Kymenlaakso museum, where it is now visible to the public. 

Hannu Tyrni built an exact copy of this boat.